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Thank you to all who have already reached out to see how they can help if the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools are closed due to the corona virus.
We are working with the WSFCS Child Nutrition Program and other childhood hunger agencies in the area to develop a coordinated plan to help make sure the children receive the nutrition they need. Because we deliver our backpacks at schools, our plans are largely dependent on what the school system does with respect to their contingency feeding sites. We all want to make sure these children get fed and we will work together to make that happen.
At this time, we do not need additional volunteers or any food donations, as Second Harvest is able to provide the needed food product. Our needs may change quickly, however, and as an all volunteer non-profit that does not receive any state or federal funding, we are likely to call upon the community for help.
Together, we can make sure that we are Feeding Our Future, One Backpack at a Time!

Hunger affects our community — and our future.

Children truly are the future of any community. They grow up to become the work force and form the social, political and religious fabric of society. Chronic hunger has devastating and lasting impact on kids and our community. Hungry kids suffer physically, educationally, developmentally, and socially. They lag behind their well-nourished peers in almost every way. They can never quite catch up—suffering the impacts of hunger even into adulthood. As a result, the community suffers too. We want to create a better today for these kids so we can help create a better future for them and all of us.

Feeding our Future, One Backpack at a Time.


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