The number of WSFCS kids receiving free or reduced school lunch:
50 Percent


The number of days kids are out of school during the school year:


The number of meals kids receive on those days:


Did you know that Forsyth Backpack Program is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization? Started by concerned citizens who recruited friends and others with skillsets to help, as well as valued community partners who help with logistics and provide manpower, gas, trucks, storage space and huge hearts. The only payment they earn is the smiles on children’s faces. A generous allocation provides for administrative costs like printing and website support so that 100% of your donations go toward purchasing food for hungry children.

Hunger affects our community — and our future.

Children truly are the future of any community. They grow up to become the work force and form the social, political and religious fabric of society. Chronic hunger has devastating and lasting impact on kids and our community. Hungry kids suffer physically, educationally, developmentally, and socially. They lag behind their well-nourished peers in almost every way. They can never quite catch up—suffering the impacts of hunger even into adulthood. As a result, the community suffers too. We want to create a better today for these kids so we can help create a better future for them and all of us.

Feeding our Future, One Backpack at a Time.


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